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Discover our exclusive range of maple products; a natural treasure to offer to your customers. This is made up of our best sellers such as: our delicious maple syrup, maple butter and maple sugar.

Why choose our products?

As maple producers, it is essential to offer quality and authentic taste for each product we produce. Our products are the fruit of our know-how and our passion for this profession. Offer your customers the excellence and purity of a local product, appreciated and approved by all.


A family story

In 2005, our family acquired a maple grove in the Centre-du-Québec region, on which stood an old, unused and outdated sugar shack. The dream of producing maple syrup had long been cherished. In 2011, the old sugar shack was demolished and replaced by a brand new one, built with our own hands and from trees selected from our own land.


Nearly 20 years later, our vision and family values lead us to constantly reflect on what our maple grove will look like in the future. Our goals: to ensure the long-term survival of our forest, to be able to make a living from our passion by integrating our precious next generation, and finally to continue to develop the precious blond gold that nature so generously offers us. Now it's your turn to enjoy the fruits of our passion...

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